iHeartRadio – All The Stations In your Mac !

While we surely carry our huge collection of music wherever we go, there are times when we want to discover music and acquire tastes. This is where radio and podcasts help a great deal. Your mac does not come with an AM or FM receiver but you can utilise Internet to listen to these radio […]

Sonic – The Hedgehog Comes To Your Mac !

Sonic the hedgehog – a character that is unique and immediately recognizable as a mascot of video game has set foot on the mobile platforms in a new 3D avatar as Sonic Dash. But then you cannot just have all the good in the world, can you? Well, the game is released for smartphones and […]

Get Twickets for Mac – Free Download

Twickets is a very simple ticket-booking app where you can search for a list of events near you and you can easily buy the tickets for those events using this app. The app is developed by future Platforms and is basically an entertainment app. However, it is a small app with just 6Mb size but […]

Temple Run 2 for Mac – Free Download

The rising use of smart phones accompanied by android, windows and iOS smart apps has inculcated the habit of gaming across the globe. It has been the favorite pastime of a large number of people all over the world. Among this huge range of games available, with a record of more than a billion downloads […]

Need for Speed : No Limits for Mac

Need for speed is a premium racing franchise that is known to most gamers in both PC and console worlds with some iconic titles in the past. It’s a pity that the game was never ported to your beloved Mac. But that is all set to change with the new title Need for Speed: No […]