Angry Birds Go – Go Cart Racing on Mac

The genre of go cart racing, has its own appeal! Afterall, who doesn’t want some fun controlling your downhill cart over a winding pathway? Angry Birds Go does this with something more – it brings your favourite Angry Birds characters and the villains and pits them on a go cart style racing. But all this enjoyment and drama is only available for your smartphone and tablet. What about your Mac? Seems like it should be used only for work? No is the answer! You can always run Angry Birds Go for Mac. How? Read on…


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Angry Birds Go – Game review

Angry Birds Go can be considered as a mix between the traditional go cart racing and the characters of the classic Angry Birds game. The game’s basic philosophy is pretty simple – you race downhill in a cart, smashing fruits on your way down and coming first in the competition. Once you have won, you will get coins and jewels. There are no acceleration controls or brakes, you can tilt/tap to move left/right and jump/duck. However, there are certain cavaets. Your bird that you start off with is not the ultimate, nor is your cart, however, both can be upgraded/replaced. Upgrading the cart requires coins and new characters can be bought or unlocked. While the game itself is ripe in microtransactions whereby you can have it easy if you pay for it, you can also complete it by some repetitive grinding without any significant expense.

The game also features some bumped up graphics, a 3D view and cute sound tracks. An ideal package that can serve as a platform to spend some time on. So without wasting any time, we are going to jump right in about the methods we will use to run the game on your Mac!

Angry Birds Go for Mac

In order to get the game for your Mac, you will need a software called Bluestacks! What magic does it do to run the game? Well, Bluestacks can run any android game or app on your Mac. That is any app/game available on the Google playstore can be played/ran on your Mac with it. It even lets you access the playstore to perform purchases and install games from there. The step by step guide is outlined below:


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  • From below listed download button, download the latest Bluestacks setup for Mac.
  • Now, from your settings, you need to enable installation of apps from any source. This will let you install Bluestacks.
  • Start the installation of Bluestacks which may require some time to complete.
  • Once installed, start Bluestacks. For the first time, you need to setup your preferences and your Google account (create a new one or use existing Gmail ID and password)
  • When done, you will land at the home screen. On the top search bar, type “Angry Birds Go” and search for it.
  • When the search is complete, you will be at the playstore page of the game. Click on the install button to install the game.

Once done, come back to home screen and you can see the game listed there. Click on it to start the game!