Call Of Duty 4 – Free Download

Call of Duty 4 is the kind of game that has risen up in order to keep you glued to your computer all day long with its high definition graphics and amazing system. This is indeed a real good catch for any gamer who is in search for a game that will provide them with the much needed adrenaline rush that they have been craving for. It has all the essentials that an excellent game needs. So, what has made this game the game of the year?

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What This Game Is All About?

This game actually falls under the action games category. This game is about a military camp from which a war operation is being commanded and the player has to act as a soldier who is going for the battlefield as a response to the call of duty. There you will be given newer and tougher targets by the commander, which you have to follow blindly and attack your enemies and gain ammunition. As the levels increase, the target becomes more and more tough to achieve. There are interesting parts as well. In some cases, you can use stealth in order to hide from the enemy group. Here you get a great new deal of ammunition and once you kill an opponent soldier, you can use their ammunition as well.


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The Features

  • This is fully compatible in any sort of PC with Windows operating system. It is also compatible on other operating systems but it works best in windows. Once you start playing this in your computer, the high profile look, gloomy ambience of the game, and amazing locations will keep you addicted and you will no longer want to leave the game.
  • Though the game is complex, the controls are not. You do not have to freak yourself out with the thought of remembering a great many controls and fumbling with the wrong keys just because you do not remember them properly. This game can be played with ease by anybody once you just go through the help option once to get hold of the control keys.
  • In every part of the game, you will get directions so you will not get lost in any maze. The directions will not only be about the ways but will also act as a hint whenever you are stuck up at any level. They work as helping system so that you do not have to leave the game mid way once you get caught up.

So, if you’re a die hard fan of COD, i.e. Call of Duty Series, don’t fall back, as Call of Duty 4 is the must have game for every gaming freaks.