iHeartRadio – All The Stations In your Mac !

While we surely carry our huge collection of music wherever we go, there are times when we want to discover music and acquire tastes. This is where radio and podcasts help a great deal. Your mac does not come with an AM or FM receiver but you can utilise Internet to listen to these radio […]

Get Twickets for Mac – Free Download

Twickets is a very simple ticket-booking app where you can search for a list of events near you and you can easily buy the tickets for those events using this app. The app is developed by future Platforms and is basically an entertainment app. However, it is a small app with just 6Mb size but […]

IMO for Mac – Free Download !

People yearn for quality time these days but sadly, many of them are bound by work pressure. Busy is what defines people nowadays and is one of the very big reasons for not having a good relationship. After the daily hustle and bustle, all you need is a good time with your loved ones to […]

SHAREit For Mac – Transferring In The Easy Way !

Sharing content is a common task that we face every day. Sharing contents from your Mac to other devices can be a real pain if you don’t have Thunderbolt support or setup a dedicated file server over WiFi (which can be very difficult) and USB being too slow. Also, you could theoretically use cloud services […]

Bluestacks for Mac – Free Download!

Android is taking the world of mobile phones upon itself. Android phones can now be found in everyone’ pocket, no matter what the configurations are; but they are android phones. Ranges of such android phones starts from few 100 dollars to thousands, depending upon the brand name and system configuration. It might seem quite unobvious […]