Dead Trigger 2 for Mac – Download For Free !

Dead Trigger is one of the amazing multiplayer games that enable the players to enjoy the game with other real participants all over the world. The new version of Dead Trigger 2 needs Android v 4.0. However, Dead Trigger can also be played in Mac computer.


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The game Dead Trigger 2 includes spectacular graphics along with the addictive and wonderful gameplay. In addition to it, the game can be played at free of cost. One of the interesting features of this game is the Auto-aim. It means that the players do not need to struggle much with touch in order to shoot. They only have to face the rival and the rifle will fire automatically.

Gameplay And Features of Dead Trigger 2

The players have to manage the movement of the character as a typical console. The game includes two considerably various control paradigms. By means of the default controls, one can aim at the zombies – The weapons of the players will fire while a zombie is there beneath the crosshair. The highly developed control scheme enables the players to press a button in order to shoot the weapon. On the other hand, an additional button allows the players to aim down the sights of the weapon for higher accuracy.

Dead Trigger 2 has a plot that revolves around accomplishing the aims while destroying zombies. The players can get only a limited level of health, which gets revived at the beginning point of every mission. The health would be lost by the players while it gets punched by zombies or with some environmental risks like radiation. The gamers can get back health by receiving healing pills or by obtaining a health powerup available from a particular zombie.


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The rivals are seen in two categories- one is the standard zombies while the other one is the special zombies. Often, these standard zombies trudge along at a very slow speed and hit with their arms; however some can sprint or hold melee weapons for more damage. The second variety, that is, special zombies possesses distinct looks and exceptional features. These are more fatal and difficult to kill; however, drops some blueprints or huge amounts of money or also health while they are killed.

Apart from holding two basic weapons, the participants also bear a melee weapon along with three kinds of consumable things. Consumables comprise health tablets, exploding chickens, grenades and many more.

Dead Trigger 2 for Mac users

One can easily download Dead Trigger 2 for Mac with the help of free software. Only follow the some instructions given here-

  • At first, install Bluestacks App after downloading it from here!
  • Then, run this app by clicking on start menu icon found on the screen.
  • Click on the icon- Search and type the word- Dead Trigger 2.
  • Click on the foremost result for installing Dead Trigger 2 for Mac.
  • Dead Trigger 2 can be accessible with My Apps.

Now, Dead Trigger 2 can be played on the large screen of your Mac system.