Despicable Me for PC

Do you feel totally addicted towards the cute minions in Despicable Me? Do you wish to have the game with you but cannot take it because you do not possess an Android phone? Then do not worry, as the solution is there itself with you. All you have to do is connect to internet from your PC and get it installed there itself. Yes, it is not as easy as it sounds, but if you are careful enough to follow certain procedures then you can get hold of the game quite easily and play it with glee.


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Despicable Me is a sort of an Arcade game in which there is the occurrence of little minions rushing around to solve certain problems assigned to them. You will have to act as a minion and help in achieving all the goals that are given to them. There is a bit of everything in the game- be it fun, be it thrill, adrenaline rush or whatever you may call it. Playing this game keeps you addicted and you will be left craving for more. So, it is suggested that without waiting for an android, download it in your PC and play it for free.

How to download Despicable Me for PC?


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  • In order to get Despicable Me for PC, you have to first download an Android emulator, i.e. BlueStacks and then install it from the direct link that is given there. This will take a bit of time and once this is done try to run the software. If it does not run, try to download it from another link and then follow the same procedure.
  • Once it gets installed Start Bluestacks and initialize it.
  • Once this is done, you will see all the channels opening and all the applications are opening up. Once this is done you can search for the application that you want to download. If that is not given in the page, then click on more apps and then you will find Despicable Me to download.


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  • Click on the icon and then you will see Google play. When it opens, do click on the Install button and it will automatically download and install too.
  • Once it says installation complete, you can run your app and play the game you have been wanting for so long.
  • Sometimes directly, the Google play does not open up and a popup opens saying market not found. If that occurs then you have to take the help of the web browser to find the suitable market.
  • Once you do that, you will see all apps getting installed and the Google play opening up from where you will be able to download Despicable Me for free. Once installed, you can play your game at leisure and upgrade it whenever you want to. So you see, it is not totally tough to install Despicable Me for PC.