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I.G.I.-2 just as IGI 1 is a popular shooter game released in 2003 by Codemasters. It comes up with more and many important and advanced features along with new challenges to benefit the players in every possible way.


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The whole game is separated into nineteen missions, and the entire narrative is displayed in cutscenes, exposed before and also after each mission, with the animated protagonists provided in instantaneous and pre-recorded language. Missions have some purposes that should be achieved before the mission stops.

There are no uncomplicated approaches, with tricky and hidden movement helping the player to get better rates, rank and ability of survival, with the utmost possible ranking. A number of paths are there for all missions, with the most clear and scaring being a noisy battle, because in each operation Jones has got outnumbered. All missions give an opportunity for big teams of enemies to be evaded or slipped past by remaining undiscovered. Some missions also require full processes to be carried out concealed.

Covert Operation

The player can apply the accessible map computer to get the mission area, distantly observing an instantaneous satellite picture of the land with structures and outside enemies visibly, which is also essential to make strike routes, after checking enemy patrol roads and other planned information. By means of the binoculars, the nearby enemies can be sited, occasionally through walls.

The Scene of Shooting

At the time of playing, the player has got to a large store of weapons, for example handguns, assault and sniffer rifles, lightweight machine pistols. These weapons are accessible in every game level and they can be replaced with carried ones.

Players can start their missions with some particular or carry-over weapons from previous missions, though other weapons can be got from killed enemies, the participant is needed to assess expected tasks and prepare the most appropriate armaments.


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Realism was proposed to be supreme in this game that features more than thirty accurately designed real-world weapons that appear and behave just like they do in actual world, including their speed of fire as well as loading times.

  • Silenced weapons, for example the G17-SD along with SOCOM pistols, the SMG-2 submachine shooter, and also the PSG-1SD sniper rifle, allow silent and quiet killing even from a great distance, making the rival clueless and Jones unnoticed.
  • Weighty weapons for instance the MP5 A3 and also SD3 submachine firearms, AK-47 and assault rifles, with quicker fire and reloading speeds, more range or striking power are required for gun fights
  • Balanced weapons including the SVD Dragunov, sniping rifles, etc however, offer a stability of power as well as stealth. They emit noise, but can be used from great distances. As result, it denotes that if it is used deliberately while under cover, the protagonist Jones can remain undetected.

Bullets also work and penetrate in a different way, based on their pace, weight, quality, and target objects like wood, plastic or leather. It signifies that players will be capable to kill several targets with a single shot or strike targets with cover. Targets are moved not just by Jones’s movement but even the recoil for every weapon. Thrilling, isn’t it?

Two guns can be taken at any time supporting critical consideration and weapon understanding, as every weapon has very special strengths. Besides the two selected arms, a combat knife is also there, enabling silent killing and face-to-face combat when there is no ammunition or guns.

So, if you’re tempted enough to play this game on your PC, hit the download button below to Download IGI 2 Game.