Download Shazam for PC, Android, Nokia Guide

Shazam is the best music player to discover what track you’re listening to and to find details about it. There is no other app as powerful and simple than Shazam and also its database got almost all types of songs covered. Today I’m going to introduce you with a tutorial on how to download Shazam for PC, Shazam for computer, Android, Nokia, Mac.

The tutorial here isn’t going to take much of your valuable time as I’ve researched a lot and here with the simplest way of getting Shazam for PC download. So you don’t need to worry whether the process is going to take more time or include more steps to follow.

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Download Shazam for PC

What makes Shazam for PC, Android, Nokia, Mac so popular?

This may be a question in your mind right now and I’m going to clear it off easily by introducing you with the features of the Shazam application which is available for free on every platform.

As soon as you get it installed then it will start listening to the number or song you’re playing either in the same device or in other device. Just make sure that Shazam is able to listen to the song being played in other device so keep it near.

Download Shazam for PC

Download Shazam for PC

Once it listens to a part of song, then it starts looking for the song details in its database and within few seconds it comes up with tons of details and links.

It can show you the MP3 format of that song which you can buy from Amazon or from other song directories. You can get lyrics of that song and you can also play the lyrics along with the song so that you can learn singing that particular song.

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Videos of that song available on the YouTube and other video sharing websites are also shown to the users. Complete details about the song are displayed so that users can know more details about the song.

Apart from song details and its MP3 and video, Shazam also tells you the details of the artist. You can check the biography of the artist and also discover more new facts about him/her.

Shazam app is also social. It allows users to share the song or video they found using the app on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other social networking websites. You can also know what all are the videos and songs your friends have shared or Shazamed.

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Download Shazam for PC (Step by Step)

Now I’m providing you the links using which you can download Shazam for PC, computer, Android, Nokia and Mac. You simply need to click on the appropriate link which are mentioned below,

Download Shazam for Windows 8

Download Shazam for Nokia

Shazam for Android Download

For Windows XP, 7 and Vista and Mac users, you need to download BlueStacks on your PC first and then use it to look and install Shazam Android app on PC.