Free Download Corel Draw 12

Many people have an obsession for editing photos like professionals, but lack certain tools for performing it. But with Corel Draw 12, now it is possible. An engineered product loaded with bizarre drawing tools, graphic layout that will create opportunities for designers. Another additional feature is the availability of web contents in the creative asset makes it really useful for the designers.


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A general Overview about Corel Draw 12:

Corel Draw 12 offers a vast array of features which would enhance any pictures of yours, be it in layering, cropping or adding some special effects, that would be make it worthy enough to get praises. Many customization techniques including colors, depth of tone etc, can be used collaboratively with other customization tools to produce some breathtaking graphics.

This tool is highly useful for professionals, business user, students as well as home users who find leisure in editing photographs. The software is now available in one single DVD and platform independent to run upon. Also, it can support any formats of images which provide flexibility to its users for using photos of any format.

List of Features provided by Corel Draw 12:

Here are some amazing features that are available in the latest version of Corel Draw 12, which are enumerated as follows:

  • Easy assembling of Panorama shots can be done using the Photo-Paint tool. For those who faces challenges without wide angle lens for taking panorama, this tool is highly satisfying to meet their need.
  • Corel Draw 12 offers the users to play with their words and juggle up the sentences by making some letters big, keeping the rest intact. To make the paragraph visually satisfying, there are certain tools like WhattheFont is available which makes the content look enhanced than the original.
  • New tools like Snapping Tool, Hand Tool and other many customization tools are available in the quick access toolbar facilitating the users to work skillfully.
  • More than 10,000 pieces of pre-defined images, clipart, 1000 fonts, 1000 HD images, 80 templates are available in the pack, facilitating the users to provide better performance in their work.
  • Certain features like PowerTRACE, Capture, Font Navigator has been provided to make the images looks unique and viably pleasing to the viewer’s eyes.
  • All those creative works done can be saved in various formats including PDF, which is the latest added feature in Corel Draw 12. This prevents the artwork from being copied by strangers.


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System Requirements:

The hardware configurations that you need in order to install Corel Draw 12 in your PC are listed below:


  • CPU – Intel Pentium 4 or AMD Athlon 64 or AMD Opteron
  • RAM – 512MB RAM (1GB preferred for smoother operation)
  • Disk Space – 750MB hard disk space. Up to 6GB disk space is perquisite for extra installation.
  • Browser – Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 or upgraded version.
  • OS – Microsoft Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP with latest service packs (both for 32-bit and 64-bit)