Go Retro with Snow Bros Game – Free Download

With the development of a vast array of combat games ranging from Battlefield, Call of Duty that portrays some frenzied bloodshed and mass killing, many small games that was developed on low graphics are soon getting eradicated from the game shelves. Those 90’s retro games that were a popular hit back in those days are still now available over Internet, but now have earned a tremendous popularity owing to the fact that they are now available in Android and iOS version. Snow Bros Games have widely gained popularity now, especially with their games like Chill Out, Cool Dudes, Tasty Frozen Treats and many others that were on the verge of getting outdated once.

Snow Bros (Japan)

Parts of Snow Bros Games You Should Try

Here is the list of the popular Snow Bros Games that one should try out before quitting in the 1st place. They are listed as follows:

  • Chill Out – An amazing arcade game that consists of snow bunnies and hot dogs who plays together as brothers to kill the evil fuzzy blue enemies. The Brothers have to pass 5 levels each consisting of 10 rounds. It is a whirlwind of fun as the game is full of animations and the Brothers have to kill red gargoyles and blue enemies who attack like swirling cyclones. To advance to the next level, the Brothers have to kill the boss at each level by rolling the snow boulders at the back of the enemy boss. An action pack colorful game that will keep you hooked for an indefinite period of time regardless of your age.
  • Cool Dudes – Much like the Chill Out, this is another 2D colorful game in which there are two players Nick and Tom, with their sole weapon ‘snow’ to wipe out the fuzzy little enemies. This game is quite identical with the much loved dragons game, which was popular under the identity of Bobble Bubble. Nick and Tom have to hurdle each of the stages and ricocheting the snow at their enemies and earning tons of bonus if they clearly wipe the enemies in one hit.


  • Tasty Frozen Treats – Another popular 2D arcade game, which consisted of grabbing tasty items like Pies, Buns, and Popsicles by the Brothers. There are several items like Red sauce which gives superhuman speed, green sauce gives indigestion but also provide super abilities to the Brothers. A fun loving game that has been entertaining their players ever since their advent.

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System Requirements:

Since this game is back from 90’s so it doesn’t demand any high definition graphics or any high configurations for the hardware. The following are the system requirements needed to play the game:

  • OS – Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
  • Game Mode – Single game mode.
  • Disk Space – 32MB

Key Controls:

This game is mostly played with the gamepad or controller. Here are the list of the players controls which are stated as follows:


  • Arrow Keys – Up, Down, Left Right.
  • Start – Enter (Pause, Menu select, Skip intro, Inventory)
  • Item Select – Left Shift or ‘C’ gamepad button
  • Jump or Fire – Space or ‘B’ gamepad button
  • Jump or Change Weapon – Ctrl or ‘A’ gamepad button
  • F12 – to toggle mouse capture while using mouse as a controller.

So, get started with this hugely popular 90’s game!