GTA San Andreas Game Free Download

Every gamer had tried their hands on GTA San Andreas and all those who have not are missing out on a lot of thrill and excitement. This game developed by Rockstar North created a huge craze and like the other versions of the game was a landmark in the gaming industry. The violent actions and the explicit content of the game have been a topic of controversy and concern. This game like Vice City is also played from the perspective of a third person. The game has an environment that is open to the world and thus the player can freely carry out his interactions in the gaming world without any problem.


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Minimum PC Requirements:

  • AMD Athlon XP or Intel Pentium 4 processor
  • 16x DVD-ROM
  • More than 384 MB of RAM
  • A hard disk space of 4.7 GB is required for the complete installation of the game.
  • More than 128 MB Video Card with compatible drivers of DirectX 9.
  • Surround Sound card compatible with DirectX 9.
  • Game Pad accompanied by twin axis analog controls
  • Mouse and Keyboard

All About the Game!


The game is set in the fictional state of San Andreas. This state consists of three parts: Los Santos inspired from Los Angeles, Las Venturas inspired from Las Vegas, and San Fierro inspired from San Fransisco. Here CJ (Carl Johnson) after getting to know about his mother’s death, attempts to gather his old gang and finally finds out the actual reason that caused the death of his mother. The various happenings in the game that finally unravels the truth make the game extremely riveting. The player can customize the behavior of the character. The food, clothing and styles can be controlled. The player can control the various activities such as swimming, driving jumping etc. of the character. These features of the game give a personal touch and control of the player and thus the gamer feels himself involved in the game. The player can also enhance the character’s features or arrange for an extra source of generating income.

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In GTA San Andreas, the player can make use of 240 vehicles. Bicycles, street sweeper, combine harvester, trailers, hover crafts are among the new additions to the list of vehicles in the game. The features of the cars and other vehicles have gone an up gradation both aesthetically and in terms of nitrous boosts. The cars and other vehicles perform depending on how and where it is used. Each of them behaves differently when used in various conditions. Some work better in land and some fly better. The player has to be careful while choosing the vehicles before putting them to use.

Special Features of the Game:


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Rockstar North has decided to pay attention in personalising the protagonist so that the involvement of the player can be enhanced. This increases the interest of the gamer and makes the plot even more interesting and personalised. The clothes, jewellery, haircut, tattoos can even be purchased by the player. The relationships, reactions and behaviour of CJ depend on the kind of clothing and hairstyle he sports. The player can make the protagonist exercise and eat healthy food too. These role playing game elements or RPG elements play a crucial role in the popularity of the game.