GTA Vice City Game – Free Download

Gta Vice city is an extremely popular game among the youth. It is a huge craze among all gamers and the setting of the game makes it even more attractive. The game involves interactions and exchanges in the criminal world. The game’s setting is inspired from the 1980’s culture of America. The game is widely available on any online portal and thus its access is extremely convenient. It has been a best seller video game of its time and thus it is recommended that every game lover should try his hands on this game.


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About the Game:

Developed by Rockstar North, Gta Vice City is an action packed video game with a lot of adventure. The game is played from the perspective of a third person, who can freely interact with the open game world at their own wish without any hindrance. The game had been a rage amongst youngsters after its release owing to the storyline that it is based on. If you haven’t tried out the game, download it now and enjoy the game.


The game has been set up in the fictional city named Vice City, which has been closely inspired from the city of Miami. The American culture that existed in the 80s has been portrayed over here. This setting adds to the criminal feel of the game that makes the game far more interesting and exciting. The success of the game was such that it influenced the gaming industry very heavily.



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A large number of vehicles (precisely 114) is available for use in the game The features of the cars and other vehicles are specified and can be used according to the player’s position in the game. Automobiles, boats and taxi cabs are present as usual with the addition of new motorcycles and helicopters. The only flying vehicle, the Skimmer plane has been included. This plane boasts extremely advanced features, which enhances the power of the player in the game. The performance of the vehicles independent on the place where it is being used. Some ply well on land or air while some perform better on road or off the road.


The game is based on the story of a character called Tommy Vercetti. Tommy is a Mafia who has been released from prison. He was involved in a drug deal that went wrong and now he was out to catch hold of all those in Vice City who were creating a criminal empire. These men were also snatching power from the various other organizations involved in such crimes in the city.


The background music of the game has been highly advanced and was a hit amongst the game players. The music was extremely apt and suited perfectly with the theme and the setting of the game. The music was such that it complemented the various situations and stages in the game.

PC Requirements:

The minimum requirements needed in the user’s PC to play the game are:


  • 1GHz AMD Athlon or Intel Pentium III processor
  • 8x DVD-ROM Drive
  • 256 GB of RAM
  • 6 GB of Hard Disk for the minimum installation of the game.
  • DirectX 9 compatible Stereo Sound Card
  • 64 MB Video Card accompanied by DirectX 9 drivers
  • Mouse and Keyboard.