LibreOffice Viewer for PC (Windows 7/8/8.1/XP)

Any business involves lots of paperwork, which should be maintained properly. LibreOffice Viewer is such an app that enables to create and keep up the personal and also professional records on spreadsheets, word processors and slides shows. It also assists in developing the creativity and demonstration of data. By means of LibreOffice, the data will become more expressive and dynamic. It may be useful as any recognized office tool, because it has a number of applications inside it. Any LibreOffice file is acceptable for a Microsoft office document also. It is also possible to open any doc file.


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The Facilities That Are Offered By LibreOffice Viewer:

LibreOffice is quite similar to MS office. It includes countless apps that have abilities to make it more versatile and functional. Word processor, Spreadsheet app, calculator, Drawing, Presentation tool and so on are its main role-plays. All these are excellent for proving the importance of the program. LibreOffice Viewer is competent to save its present data in a variety of formats. Even MS office document can be prepared by means of this LibreOffice Viewer software. It denotes that now the users do not need to leave their MS Office to use LibreOffice; it is to take up as an alternative.

LibreOffice Viewer can be installed on any Android device to open DOC files, DOCX files, or .ODF files easily. Though the app is not ready to assume Google Docs, or any such free office applications, the app is still impressive. The developers of it have not just ported this free or open source LibreOffice app to operate on Android handsets, but they have also restructured much of its user interface and the file browser to work on various mobile devices, having touch screen displays.

This app also supports the features like pinch-to-zoom and swipe gestures like dragging the finger from one side to another to let the users choose the sheets and slides within documents, which include more than one. The creators decide to give support for external SD cards, elements of interactive document like URLs, and some other characteristics in the future. The Beta version of LibreOffice Viewer has been formed by Collabora with the aid of SMOOSE.

How To Install LibreOffice In PC?

There are a number of methods through which LibreOffice Viewer can be downloaded in a computer system. As this Android program cannot be installed directly in PC, there is an alternative way to do this. Android emulator is to be downloaded first to get LibreOffice Viewer for PC. The steps to download are discussed here in detail.


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  • First download Android Emulator Bluestacks. Though there are a lot of other emulators, the Bluestacks is always considered to be the best one. Bluestacks will give its users ability to open the .apk files.
  • The installation procedure of this emulator is very quick and also simple. Only click on the next button a number of times.
  • Search the app LibreOffice Viewer for PC so that it can be downloaded in a direct way.
  • Then look at the guidelines, which are seen on the screen of PC to install the program.

You can access the same from All Apps section of Bluestacks, and in any case if you face technical difficulties, let us know by commenting below!