News360 – Personalized News for PC

Are you engrossed in immersing into the daily dose of current affairs, albeit you’re sticking with the old school methodologies of reading the printed newspapers? Then, it’s time for you to switch to the revolutionary app that has been defined to suit for any smartphones and tablet consoles. This app – News360 has been targeted to premeditate the online influx of global news and present you with the possible hottest and trending news right into the palm of your hands! Crafted meticulously by professional IT developers, this app has been targeted primarily to produce a processed and complied newsfeed for the readers, instead of rummaging through various webpage in the quest to procure the trending news.


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General Overview Of News360:

News360 has been considered as the next-generation news aggravator news application that has been instilled with the power to assimilate news from more than 1500 sources and produce news in a concise, streamline manner. One of the most fascinating prolific creations of News360 is that it lets its users to define their specified field of interests thus, enabling them to receive news on the basis of their field of interests. With its streamline newsfeed connected with various social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr, news from various reporters and media sources, the latest news can be always found at the top of its with specified timestamp while improves readability.

Some Amazing Features Of News360:

News360 is considered to be a prizewinner among all the news streaming applications that are available in the digital market, and has possibly waged a competition with the infamous app –Flipboard, that provides articles and daily news dosage ranging over a wide array of topics. Here are some of the amazing speculations of News360 which are enlisted as:

  • The app uses the GPS service to locate your geographical location, thereby rendering regional news based on their popular interests.
  • Overhauled interface, which facilitates seamless transitions of the updated newsfeed from RSS articles at a separated ‘Homepage’ regardless or the customized news topics.
  • An innovative 360 degree view of the news, that covers topics targeted to satisfy all the international readers.
  • The app provides its own widget in the Android version 3.0+, while enhances the readers to read news on the go.
  • Another fascinating feature that News360 reveals is the linguistic filtering for the reader which can be considered as “reverse search engine” approach, which is extremely useful to suit to the taste of the readers on the basis of language.
  • A recent feature that has been amalgamated into News360 is “Handoff” that enables the reader to bookmark a page where they’ve left reading in one console, and can resume reading from that exact part in any other smartphones console. This makes the app highly useful for reading elongated articles that needs attention for prolonged period of time.

How To Get News360 – Personalised News for PC:

News360 is only available for Android and iOS platform; however you can access the app from your PC using any Android emulators. One such emulator is Bluestacks App Player that allows you to run any possible Android applications on PC. Here are the basic guidelines to run News360 in your PC:


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  • Download and install BlueStacks Android emulator for the requisite version of your Windows.
  • Create an account in Google Play Store using your Google Mail ID.
  • In the search option, type “New360” and search for it in Google Play Store.
  • Download the app and experience the seamless newsfeed in a smarter way!

One the major advantage of this app is its free availability in Play Store which makes it quite versatile to be used in any possible smartphones and tablets device, enabling it to gain worldwide reputation.