Quickoffice APK Download on PC – How to install Quickoffice APK on Android device

Hello friends, today I’m going to provide you a tutorial on how to download Quickoffice APK on PC and use to install this app on any Android smartphone or tablet. Quickoffice is an app from Google using which productivity work can be done on tablet and smartphones and right now users are looking for some guide on Quickoffice APK download so I’m providing that here.

Tablets have been manufactured or developed just to let users do their productivity work while on the go. These days tablets got the processing power equivalent to that of laptops and PCs and almost all kinds of work can be done on them using apps.

Quickoffice APK Download on PC

Recently Apple and Microsoft started providing free apps of their office app suites to their users and now Google has joined them too. For the Android users, Quickoffice app is now available for free and it’s in stable version too.

Free Quickoffice for Android – Features

Let me share the features of Quickoffice that you’re going to experience on your tablet or smartphone running on any version of Android.

The very first feature is that users can create and update documents, excel sheets and presentations while on the go i.e. on their tablets and smartphones. Users now don’t need to use their heavy laptop or PCs to do so.

The user interface of the app and the arrangement of tools are simple and perfect. You won’t miss any productivity or office tool in this app.

The app is also integrated with Google Drive so all of your data stored on the Google Drive gets automatically synchronized on your device. Also all your data is saved instantly on the Google Drive using the cloud storage technology. You only need to maintain a stable internet connection for this.

Quickoffice APK Download for PC free

You cannot just view any document file but you can also edit or create them. So it’s like an office app but it’s not from Microsoft, it’s from Google.

Earlier this app was available at a price but recently when Apple and Microsoft made their office app free so Google also did that, in order to remain in the competition.

You can easily attach files into the e-mails. If you’ve installed Gmail app on your Android device then attaching file will become super easy.

You can also share files with any user over the internet which are stored on the Google Drive. This feature works exactly like you share files stored on Google Drive on the web.

The app also provide feature to open and view PDF file but you can’t edit or create it. So this app can also help you in reading any of your PDF eBook.

These are the features of Quickoffice free app for Android.

Quickoffice APK Download for PC

Now, I’m providing you the link using which you can download Quickoffice APK on PC easily.

You can click on the link behind to download the APK file which you can transfer to your Android device and use it to install the app.