Subway Surfers Mumbai APK Android Download (Direct)

Today I’m going to share an updated version of Subway Surfers endless running game here. The game has been going through a world tour and we had already seen world famous cities in the game like Paris, London, Moscow and now the game had reached the city of Mumbai in India. I’m going to provide Subway Surfers Mumbai APK Android download for free using which you’ll be able to install this version of the game on any number of Android devices.

Subway Surfers is still a free endless running game which is leading all other games on the Google play store. The game has been featured in many countries for years and still it receives thousands of downloads on the daily basis.

Download Subway Surfers Mumbai APK Android Direct

If you have not played this game yet but now want to play as it reached our country, India then you need to go though next part of this guide where I’ll talk about features of Subway Surfers Mumbai game.

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About Subway Surfers Mumbai

The game had been going on the world tour and as a part of the same program, Subway Surfers had reached Mumbai in India. The game will now be having new graphics and brand new challenges to be completed.

In the city of Mumbai the graphics have been improved and I’m sure that you’re still going to find this game addictive. Most of the users are finding it as a great time killer and I’m pretty sure that you’ll also going to join them.

The game has got unlimited time of game play as it will never get completed. You need to run and run as far as you can and put your highest score on the leaderboard. You can provide Facebook account access to this game and this is how you’ll be able to share high scores and other things of the game with your Facebook friends.

The graphics had been brand new in the game and they are still of high definition quality. The graphics will let you get addicted with the game very fast as they are of great quality. The sound tracks in the game are still the same and addictive.

In this game you need to collect lotus flowers to complete daily challenges in the game which will in return let you get free keys and Hoverboards and also lots of coins. By completing these missions you’ll also be able to boost the high score which is the primary mission in the game.

Subway Surfers Mumbai APK

In this game you have to run as fast as you can and cover long distance as possible. Once you get a high score then you can share it with your friends over Facebook and this is how you can compete with your friends. The graphics of the game are inspired by the India and the trains in the game are of Indian style.

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Download Subway Surfers Mumbai APK Android Direct

Follow direct download link mentioned down here.

Free Download Subway Surfers Mumbai APK Android

So friends this was all about Subway Surfers Mumbai APK game and I hope you find this game interesting.