Where’s My Water for PC Download, Android APK Online

Challenging games are always fun and there are lots of such games available on the Google play store. Where’s My Water is one such game which is available for Android smartphone and tablet users but I’m here with tutorial on how to get Where’s My Water for PC and Android.

This game is superb and you can estimate its awesomeness by its developer name. Where’s My Water is developed by official Disney developers so now you can expect what quality of graphics and game play you’re going to get.

Where's My Water for PC Download

The game isn’t based on a war or a racing kind of and you don’t need to run endlessly to save yourself rather it’s time to have fun and also sharp your brain. This how you’re going to experience an impressive game play and you’re definitely going to get addicted unless you hate solving puzzles.

About Where’s My Water for PC and Android

The basic concept of the game is that you’ve to solve some puzzles and get way for the water to reach the character you’re feeding.

You’ll see water in different colors which is not able to reach the character, the little poor crocodile who is ready to take bath but waiting for you to feed him.

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The game is preloaded with four different comic stories which you can watch to get into the story behind the game and by watching those comics you can come to know why you’re helping the crocodile.

There are lots of puzzles available in the free version. According to the developers, there are about 500 puzzles which you can solve but if you’re really good in solving puzzles then you can also buy the pro version of the game by paying just 99 cents.

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Apart from basic games and puzzle levels there are some special levels too like challenge and bonus levels. You can use these levels to challenge yourself and full your bag with some extra points and rewards or you can also refer them as bonus.

You need to make sure that the swampy alligator or the crocodile is able to get water so that he can take shower. In order to make sure it happens you’ve to solve puzzles, how? Water is there above and between water and the alligator there are lots of pipes. Now you’ve to find out best and shortest possible way via pipes so that water reaches the alligator. If you fail to do that then he will not be able to take shower and you’ll not earn a single point.

Steps to Download Where’s My Water for PC 

In order to download Where’s My Water for PC you’ve to follow these steps,

  1. Download and install BlueStacks (free Android emulator) on your PC.
  2. Now search for Where’s My Water app using search tool of BlueStacks.
  3. Once you find it then install it.

That’s it! This is the best way to get Where’s My Water for PC download.

If you want to play Where’s My Water on Android smartphone or tablet then you need to download Where’s My Water Android APK online.

Get Android APK Online

So now you’ve got both the things which you’re looking earlier. Hope you enjoyed the article and tutorial in the last. Don’t forget to share it with your friends. Also please stay updated with our website as we are going to update you guys with more posts about the same in near future.